“Ben has taught me for over 5 years now, and I have loved every minute of being taught by him. He has developed my passion for drums, moving me from having no ability to begin with, to looking at grade 7 pieces (with 6 previous exams passed) now. I couldn't ask for any more with a drum teacher, and Ben does not only provide fantastic lessons, the manner in which he teaches them gives me motivation to practice pieces in my free time, as well as at school. I have been involved in bands at school, and increased my musical knowledge,  and this could not have happened without the teaching of Ben.” (Frank, 15)   

“Ben was my drumming teacher for five years until we moved away from Cambridge. He is a really good teacher and makes it possible to learn challenging pieces quickly by breaking them into sections. He was always kind, understanding and supportive when preparing for exams. I was sorry to have to move on.” (Luke, 12)

"Ben has been teaching our son drums since he was 5 years old. His calm and measured approach to teaching younger children has proved a great success in our household. Since aged 2  Jonathan has always had a passion for drumming and Ben has helped to develop his ability, skill and love for the instrument. He inspires him to practise in between lessons as he wants to progress and also please Ben!  The results have been clear to see with Jonathan and he has already successfully completed a number of rock school exams within the 18 months Ben has been teaching him." Note from Jonathan ‘Ben is a very good drum teacher and he encourages to work hard and practise. I love my weekly lessons!’  (Jonathan, 7)